The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) brought me in to help extend their newly, updated branding to their digital spaces. The branding created by an outside vendor focused more on print materials. During my time, I defined how these new styles would work on their webpages, emails, and third party sites. I created online guidelines and pattern library for different departments to reference, as well as outside vendors.

I also collaborated with the UX Strategist to conduct user testing of the updated membership renewal application and other web pages. I met with SMEs to discuss mockups and wireframes for other projects, such as the Convention web pages, vendor pages, and attendee app.


In between the many projects initiated to improve the user interface and experience of their online presence, I worked to created a pattern library for the developers and web producers, as well as the content editors and marketing team, to reference when creating pages and applications.

Pattern Library (PDF print version)

Quick Rundown


UI Designer/Digital Designer


7 months



  • UI/UX Design
  • UX Research
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


  • SharePoint Designer
  • Adobe CC Master Suite (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Publisher)
  • Basecamp

Membership Pages

My initial focus at the AVMA was to work on their membership pages to help recruit more veterinarians and veterinary students. I worked alongside a senior UX Strategist developing the interface layout of the various pages and working to optimize the user experience. 

The UX Strategist started the project six months before I was brought in. She gathered the requirements, worked on the user journey and interactions, and developed high-res wireframes.

Even though there was already buy-in for the design, I worked to enhance the layout to make the Membership pages not feel so text heavy. I worked to break-up the content with some imagery, along with tweaking of styles to keep the page feeling more open. Here are some sample versions of playing with the layout from the above high fidelity wireframe. 


Final version of the Membership Join Pages

Renewal application

We also worked to update the styling and streamline the process of the renewal application. The AVMA had received quite a bit of feedback that it was difficult to renew a membership online.

Working with the UX Strategist, we worked to decrease the amount of steps it took the user to utilize the online application. We also focused on simplifying the information and layout of each step.

Final Login Screen
Thanks to the hard work of all the teams, the new interface increased the organization's renewals.
Marketing Director

Convention web pages, sites, and app

The AVMA has an annual convention for its members to learn more about techniques and products for veterinarians. Another big focus was to update the branding to the annual convention pages and external third-party websites for the event.

We were under a tight deadline to get the main event pages on the AVMA website instead of a third-party site.

I worked with the two other web producers on staff to help implement the pages once the styling was set.  We were able to meet the deadline before registration was going to open. We had regular meetings with the stakeholders to ensure goals were being met.

Gave direction on new classes via browser dev tools

Attendee app

To ensure attendees got the most out of the convention, they would also provide a mobile app to download. The app included features like registering for the event, information on sessions, support options, and more. I worked on the user experience aspect with an outside vendor, as well as helping to design the screens and icons for the app. 

I also assisted in the user testing before the app was released on Google Play and the App Store. I helped coordinate feedback to the vendor from the stakeholders and me.

Campaign page

In order to drive users to the site and promote membership sign-up and renewals, I worked with the UX Strategist to create a campaign landing page. This particular campaign centered around xyz. The page focused on a video related the experience of one owner appreciative of her vet clinic saving the family puppy. 
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