Eightfold & Panache

I was asked to help with this commercial and residential real estate development company with a number of their website needs. Panache wanted to build a web presence for their new collaborative development project called Eightfold. They also wanted to update their own website and build a client portal to keep track of projects.


EIGHTFOLD is a development designed for connected living in a multi-use space by transforming an old Motorola industrial campus. The goals for this space are to incorporate a work/life balance in central location. It houses office spaces, residential areas, retail spots, as well as outdoor spaces for healthy living. It is a massive undertaking for all involved. The hope of the masterminds behind the project was to incorporate the zen living through the Buddhist Eightfold Path.

Quick Rundown


UX/UI Designer


1 year




  • UI/UX Design
  • UX Research
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


Adobe CC Master Suite

Wireframes for initial site

The project went through continual changes based on diverging goals of the two companies involved in the Eightfold development. These are two initial layouts from the beginning of the project.

Website v2


Panache was looking to update their website and start tracking their web traffic and SEO. The real estate development company wanted to showcase both their commercial and residential expertise. They also hoped to make the site look both modern and upscale due to the level of their projects.

Custom Project app

Panache also looked to create a client portal to track projects and have a central location for associated documents and specs. 

I worked on use cases, user flows, and UI screens for a custom mobile application for a real estate development company. The project fell through, but we did get as far as having a functional prototype coded.

Website Update

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