Merging multiple legacy systems into one web application

For the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), I’m part of a project working to create a custom application that will be accessible to both internal employees and external users, such as vendors and law agencies, doing roadway projects. This application will replace several legacy programs, as well as add new functionality to make their processes more efficient.

Recently taking on the role of UI/UX Lead, I have been responsible for maintaining our team’s work tasks, incorporating the duties of our UI Developer, and pushing further our relationships with the product teams, other enabler teams, and scrum teams. The team is continuing the work of maintaining a standards libraries for all different groups. The version for the developers includes code samples and other information relevant only to them. Whereas, the other version built previously focuses on the elements of the application from a higher level for groups like the product owners.

Image: Property acquisition approval working session


Property acquisition approval working session

I continue to do my duties as a UX Designer of building prototypes and comps in UXPin (initially we used Adobe XD) within an Agile environment. I also continue to work with the product owners and SMEs through the discovery process. I focus on user interactions to help define and improve functional requirements. Through my process of discovery, I was able to highlight needed functionality missed by the product owners. I create interactive prototypes to aid design to development handoff, as well as help the end users understand how the application will work. With further discovery continuing during development, it’s an iterative design process as we work with functional and enabler stories within VSTS/Azure DevOps.

Quick Rundown


UI/UX Lead

UX Designer


1 year + 3 months


Adobe XD
Adobe Creative Cloud
Azure VSTS/DevOps

Interactive Prototypes

Location Page

TxDOT Location page – Map interactions

TxDOT Location page – Approval Workflow IxD

Appraisal Page

I was able to reduce 5 nested screens from the existing application into one page. With the layout shown, users could now compare information from multiple records without having to back in and out of each record’s detail screens. 

Demolition Page

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